Women in Finance Charter

As an organisation where women make up more than half of its workforce, Payments UK, is proud to be joining firms across the financial services sector to sign the Women in Finance Charter.

A joint commitment by the HM Treasury and signatories, the Women in Finance Charter reflects the government’s aspiration to see gender balance at all levels across financial services firms and is focused on building a more fair and balanced industry in partnership with the best businesses in the sector.


To sign up to the charter, Payments UK has pledged to:

  • give one member of our senior executive team responsibility and accountability for gender diversity and inclusion;
  • set internal targets for gender diversity in our senior management;
  • publish our progress annually against these targets on our website; and
  • link the pay of the senior executive team to delivery against these internal targets on gender diversity.

James Whittle, Director of Industry Policy, Payments UK:
“As the industry’s authoritative and representative body working to help the industry deliver world- class payments in the UK, we know that the best collaboration comes from having a diverse mix, and this is why we put an important emphasis on recruiting the best people from all backgrounds.

“I am proud to be the appointed representative for gender diversity at Payments UK, where we already have an outstanding track record. We have an equal number of women and men represented in our executive team (50%), and women make up 3/5 of our organisation’s total workforce, but we do not intend to stop there. Two years ago, on our own volition, and to ensure that we are promoting gender diversity and attracting the best female talent, Payments UK reviewed the terms of our employment offering and made positive changes. This included making improvements to our flexible working arrangements and maternity pay. We want companies to be inspired by our example in breaking the glass ceiling, and we will continue to explore ways in which we can support gender diversity.”