E.g., 27/07/2016
E.g., 27/07/2016
22 Jul 2016

Payments UK welcomes the BBA’s report The Way We Bank Now which shows how customers are embracing fast and convenient new technology that allows us to manage our money better than ever before.

13 Jul 2016
01 Jul 2016

A new industry report, UK Payment Statistics 2016, has been published today (1 July 2016), providing a comprehensive one-stop data source of information about the UK’s payment markets.

24 Jun 2016

Payments UK and the industry’s collective aims are always one and the same - to do everything in their power to ensure that payments work for everyone that uses them, both now and in the future.

17 Jun 2016

Improving the access arrangements to UK payment systems for payment service providers (PSPs) is the focus of the latest World Class Payments report.

08 Jun 2016
  • More than half incorrectly think the recipient’s name is used to route payments 
  • New guidance based on independent user experience research 
20 May 2016

Industry experts predict that debit cards are on track to become king in 2021 when they will take over from cash to become the UK’s most frequently used payment method.

19 Apr 2016
industry standards

Faster Payments is the first user to sign up to the new Standards Collaboration Framework