E.g., 28/06/2016
E.g., 28/06/2016
20 May 2016

Industry experts predict that debit cards are on track to become king in 2021 when they will take over from cash to become the UK’s most frequently used payment method.

19 Apr 2016
industry standards

Faster Payments is the first user to sign up to the new Standards Collaboration Framework

23 Mar 2016

The aim of this report is to provide more detail about why and how Request to Pay could make a difference, and considerations to help its delivery.

11 Mar 2016

Today, Payments UK publishes a short report which explains how more data linked with a payment would benefit the UK.

10 Mar 2016
Consultation responses

Payments UK responds to the Payment Systems Regulator’s (PSR’s) Interim Report: Market review into the supply of indirect access to payment systems.