Payments UK has signed up to the Women in Finance Charter, a commitment by HM Treasury and signatory firms to work together to build a more balanced and fair financial services industry.The Charter was a recommendation following a review by Virgin Money’s CEO, Jayne-Anne Gadhia’s into harnessing the talents of women in finance, with a focus on fairness, equality and inclusion.


Female representation of Payments UK currently stands as:

  • 50% female representation in its Executive team
  • 60% female representation across the organisation 


Payments UK pledges to promote gender diversity by:

  • Maintaining the current level of diversity in the senior management team (50% men and 50% women).
  • Maintaining the diversity of Independents on the Board (50% male and 50% female) by continuing to ensure gender diversity is considered in any selection process.
  • Seeking to balance gender diversity of Industry Directors on the Board by adding in criteria to the nominations process that gender diversity must be considered, as and when a new Director is nominated.
  • Ensuring that throughout the changing landscape of the industry that any transition for staff is considered within the context of gender diversity and inclusion, and is fair to those who work flexibly.
  • Ensuring the Executive are incentivised to maintain current excellent diversity levels by incorporating objectives into the 2017 corporate work plan.
  • Ensuring all employees have SMART objectives each year which include a personal development objective: identify and provide any training or development needs required to help employees achieve their objectives.


James Whittle, Payments UK’s Director of Industry Policy, has been appointed as our Women in Finance champion. 

Prior to signing the Charter we were already promoting gender diversity, however by signing up to it we are pledging to both maintain it and actively make further positive changes to our employment offering. This has already included making improvements to our flexible working arrangements and maternity pay. As well as increasing maternity and paternity leave and with the ability to work from home, we have created a fair and inclusive environment that supports talented individuals irrespective of their gender. 

We look forward to upholding our excellent track record. We want companies to be inspired by our example, and we will continue to explore the way in which we can, with other signatories, work to support gender diversity and a fair and inclusive industry.