Payments UK produces a multitude of publications offering valuable insight, expert commentary and thought leadership on subjects across the payments world. Published throughout the year, they are all available as part of Payments UK’s free resources for members or can be purchased by non-members.

How to order a publication

To order a publication please call our Communication and Education Team on 020 3217 8200, or send an email to

They include:

UK Automated Payments

Date: September 2016
Price: £1,500 (Free to members)

Trends and forecasts for the use of automated credits, Direct Debits, standing orders and CHAPS. 

UK Consumer Payments

Date: August 2016
Price: £3,000 (free to members)

Trends in consumer holdings and the use of different payment methods.

UK Cheques

Date: August 2016
Price: £1,500 (free to members)

Main trends and forecasts for the use of cheques for payment and cash acquisition.

UK Cash & Cash Machines

Date: July 2016
Price: £1,500 (Free to members)

Detailed commentary on how and where we obtain and spend cash. It includes details of the number of cash machines and where these are located. It also includes forecasts for how cash use will change over the next decade.

UK Payments Statistics

Date: June 2016
Price: £3,000 (free to members)

Key statistics on UK payment clearings, cash, card payments and payment markets showing historical data and market trends, with many tables displaying figures over the decade to 2014, as well as additional forecast data up to and including 2024.

UK Payment Markets 2016

Date: May 2016
Price: £3,000 (free to members)

Provides a detailed commentary on the use of payments in the UK over the last 12 months and forecasts the next 10 years. The report includes statistics on which payment methods are used and for what purposes, as well as a forecast of development of those methods over the next 10 years.

UK Payment Markets 2016 - summary

Date: May 2016
Price: Free

This high-level summary of UK Payment Markets 2016, sets out the way consumers and businesses chose to pay in 2015 and forecasts how things will change up until 2025.