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Prior to completing this Accreditation Application Form, applicants are requested to read the Guidance Notes accompanying this document. 

Guidance Notes 

If you have any queries regarding accreditation please email scvas@paymentsuk.org.uk

If successfully accredited the total annual cost for each product will be £500 plus VAT. For those accredited during the calendar year, the accreditation fee will be pro-rated accordingly. All costs are due and payable prior to Product accreditation and the Scheme reserves the right to withhold/suspend accreditation until all costs are settled in full. With respect to any increase in cost, the Scheme will always provide 6 weeks' advance notice.

Please note that the Scheme is not able to guarantee sales or additional business for any Provider whose Product is successfully accredited under the Scheme.


Confidentiality & Data Protection
Please note that the Scheme shall ensure that any data, information or materials provided by the Provider for review shall not be copied, reproduced or disclosed for any other purposes.

All relevant materials and information shall be maintained by the Scheme for audit purposes and appeals and will be processed in accordance with the Scheme's data protection policy.


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