“The information and analysis we receive on European developments (PSD2, SEPA/EPC etc.) – is alone worth the price of membership.” A UK payments institution

“Membership give us direct access to the key industry information and the opportunity to help shape and influence future direction of travel.” A medium-sized retail bank

What is Payments UK?
We are the member-driven payments association representing all sectors of the rapidly evolving payments industry in the UK. We represent UK institutions on payments initiatives in Europe and beyond. We provide a single voice for the industry to help shape the future of payments in the UK. We can help simplify the complex and changing payments landscape for you. We bring the industry together to help you deliver changes to benefit you and your customers.

What does Payments UK do ?
1. We represent our members, providing advocacy and developing policy positions to influence and engage with an authoritative voice in the UK, Europe and globally.
2. We provide payments knowledge, expertise and thought leadership to the industry and other stakeholders, acting as a centre of excellence. 
3. We deliver collaborative change and innovation on behalf of our members, whilst working to ensure customer needs are understood and met.

Payments UK is open to a broad membership and offers cost-effective industry representation in the fast moving payments environment. Our members set the agenda for all of the work we do, through the accountability of the Board to the membership.

Why become a full member?
Designed especially for payment service providers, Payments UK can act as a trusted, leading advocate for your business. We will: 

1. Drive forward your priorities

  • We have a great track record of successfully influencing regulatory and political outcomes through strategic evidence-led engagement and informed consultation responses.
  • We promote and communicate the industry developments to enhance the industry’s reputation amongst key stakeholders.

2. Build upon our proven track record in delivering change 

  • We have experience of successfully delivering major change projects such as Paym, the Current Account Switch Service and Faster Payments.
  • Network and learn from our experts and other industry professionals across standards, European developments, project management, communications, research and stakeholder management. 

3. Drive industry developments

  • Be part of our ground breaking World Class Payments project. We are building a vision of how the future of payments in the UK might look, with all those involved influencing the design of the industry landscape, policy solutions and common standards at the core of tomorrow’s payments in the UK.
  • We monitor and analyse UK and European regulatory developments, engaging stakeholders to develop policy positions that positively influence outcomes for the UK.
  • We help secure central improvements to payments to enable you to deliver better customer products, services and revenues.

4. Reduce cost and risk in your business

  • We give you the foresight to make informed decisions about future changes in the payments landscape, the confidence to take action and the tools to avoid wasting money on investment decisions that don’t reflect industry evolution.
  • By providing central resources and industry expertise, we help you to work effectively and efficiently, ultimately saving you time, resources and money.

5. Build trust and enhance the industry’s reputation on your behalf 

  • We deliver co-ordinated communications campaigns that build trust by promoting the central industry improvements delivered to customers.
  • We advocate on your behalf to policy-makers, regulators, media and customers, articulating the industry's achievements and building the industry’s reputation.

6. Provide tailored payments information

  • Benefit from direct access to our market insight. We will keep you at the cutting-edge of industry developments. You will receive useful industry updates on issues, analysis and research.
  • Receive updates on political and regulatory change.

Become a member
Our members come from some of the UK and the world’s leading payment service providers. To become part of the organisation that offers a strong voice to the UK payments industry, get in touch with our membership team at: membership@paymentsuk.org.uk