• Used by point of sale terminal manufacturers for the construction of terminal identification numbers (TIDs), Payments UK is the ISO recognised Numbering Authority for the UK and overseas countries for the issuance of Registered Identifier (RID) number (10,000 Terminal IDs).

The RID system enables a terminal manufacturer to uniquely identify 10,000 units on each RID and consists of two parts:

  1. The four digit Registered Identifier (RID) issued by the Registration Authority and entered on a register kept by us.
  2.  The four digit Unit Identifier (UID) –  assigned by the holder of the RID making the identification of an individual terminal unique and entered on a register kept by you. 

You will need this type of RID if you are implementing Standard 70.


To obtain a RID

  1. Contact Kathy Ryan to determine whether your national standards body can sponsor your application
  2. Download and read the following: 
  3. Download and complete this application form, and return via email to Kathy Ryan.


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