As part of its work to deliver Government as a Platform, the Government Digital Service is building GOV.UK Pay, a new product that allows users to pay government the same way, regardless of what service they’re using. Payments UK is working with the Government to ensure the payments industry is in a position to meet the requirements needed by the service, and share information about the new service more widely.

GOV.UK Pay will:

  • make it simpler, easier and faster for users to pay for government services
  • improve choice for users by making a wider range of online payment methods available
  • make it possible to receive refunds more quickly.


GOV.UK Pay builds technical integrations with a number of leading payment service providers to make it simple for services across central government to take online payments. 

This will:

  • make it simpler, easier and faster for government services to start taking payments
  • give government teams more options to take online payments, including credit and debit cards
  • increase efficiency in government payment processing by reducing the need for manual payment processing
  • make it easier for teams to reconcile payments and issue refunds.


GOV.UK Pay is being built by the Government Digital Service (GDS), working with government departments, payment service providers, and the wider public sector. The first supported payment type will be debit and credit card payments, launching summer 2016.

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