Payments UK monitors and is involved in a number of important European payments developments, which could have significant implications for the UK market. Crucially, that includes our work with the European Payments Council to ensure that UK customers’ needs are taken into account as the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) and the SEPA Schemes that work to harmonise euro electronic payments continue to evolve.

We believe a co-ordinated approach to the UK’s involvement in SEPA developments is the most effective way to make our collective voice heard. We provide a forum for Payments UK full members to discuss proposals, liaising with other stakeholders and supporting any collaborative actions that arise. We also represent the UK on the European Commission’s EU Forum of National SEPA Coordination Committees. 

At the same time, Payments UK acts as the UK’s National Adherence Support Organisation (NASO). Our role is to assist UK-based payment service providers seeking to adhere to the SEPA Credit Transfer Scheme and the SEPA Direct Debit Schemes.

Three primary pieces of European legislation were put in place to facilitate the development of SEPA:


Payments UK also works closely with the UK Government in its role as a policy maker and as the largest user of the payments systems. As part of this ongoing work, we monitor Government developments and work directly with Government on their requirements of the payments industry. Alongside this work, Payments UK is sharing information on one of Government’s key developments in payments: GOV.UK Pay.